Takahiro Yoshihara

Maiko Kato

Mio Ishii

Takahiro Yoshihara (Master of amezaiku art)

Yoshihara has traveled far and wide across the world introducing the traditional art and history of amezaiku candy crafting.
His artistic approach is highly original, incorporating designs to bring traditional amezaiku into the present day, while imparting a sense of both newness and nostalgia.
As a pioneer in trying to revive the fading art and pass it on to the next generation, Yoshihara opened the first permanent amezaiku shop in 2008, Amezaiku Yoshihara, for this craft that was traditionally confined to peddlers and street stalls.
The company’s earnest efforts to spread amezaiku worldwide have garnered attention through coverage on television, radio, print, and other media.

<About the performances>
Show time: approx. 20 min./show

<Types of performances>
Pattern 1: Candy craft demonstration with narration about amezaiku. (1 show, 20 min.)

<Important notes>
Please refrain from recording during the performance. (Photographs and screenshots are allowed)