Yamato caricature portraits

Funo Yanagawa

Have your cartoon portrait drawn in the style of ukiyoe art and kabuki actors popular in the Edo era.

Cartoon portraits in the style of Edo kabuki actors. Ukiyoe art and kabuki actors were hugely popular during the Edo period and modern guests are always delighted to have their faces drawn in a stylized cartoon fashion. Yamato caricature portraits combine your face with that of an Edo kabuki actor for an artistic souvenir. Enjoy this re-creation of the aesthetics of the Edo period featuring your unique face.
In Japanese, these portraits are called ‘punch portraits’ because they were originated by Englishman Charles Wirgman, living in Japan in part of the Edo and Meiji periods, who drew satirical illustrations for a publication called The Japan Punch.
Let yourself be transformed into a hand-drawn princess, lord, or kabuki actor. Shinichi Miyachi and Funo Yanagawa, masters of this illustrative style, add their own unique touches to each portrait.

<About the performances>
Show time: approx. 20-60 min./show
Time: approx. 10 min./person

<Select a frame>
You can select the frame you like, then the artist will draw your portrait.

・Women: princess, geisha, oiran courtesan, and more
・Men: lord, samurai, kabuki actor, and more

<Important notes>
Please refrain from recording during the performance. (Photographs and screenshots are allowed)