Paper cutting artist

Hasamiya Kamitaro

‘Paper cutting’ is a traditional Japanese entertainment show that anyone from adults to a children can enjoy.

It has been handed down since the Edo period and is a performance where the artisan entertains the audience by shaping paper with a pair of scissors. Hasamiya Kamitaro is one of only a few paper cutting artists in Japan. Without any template, he uses paper and scissors to snip and cut ingenious designs that include maiko dancers, sumo wrestlers, as well as animals and characters from Japanese culture. Enjoy a paper cutting performance arranged for modern audiences and designed to appeal to all ages. Lucky guests will even receive the paper cutouts after the artist is finished.
Hasamiya Kamitaro is a member of Japan’s Engei Kyokai Association.
His mentor was the renowned Takeshi Izumi.
In addition to paper cutting, Hasamiya Kamitaro also performs in the Tokyo area as a comic story teller.
He brings these comedic skills to his paper cutting shows to keep audiences chuckling from beginning to end.

<About the performances>
Show time: approx. 20-30 min./show
Audience members are encouraged to make requests and banter with the performer during the show.

<Available designs>

  • Chinese Zodiac animals: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, boar, Cat, hamster, sea bream, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and more
  • Maiko, ninja, samurai, shogun, Japanese castle, and more
  • Japanese treasure ship, Ebisu Daikoku (god of wealth), sunrise on Mt. Fuji, shinkansen, Tokyo Sky Tree, and more

Time: 3-5 min./design

<Special Menu>
A paper cutout of your profile
Time: 2-3 min./person

<Important notes>
Please refrain from recording during the performance. (Photographs and screenshots are allowed)