Koto performances

Maki Maeda

Performances of Japanese musical instruments, featuring the ‘standard trio’ with koto (Japanese harp), shamisen (Japanese guitar), and shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute). Maki has a wide repertoire from Japanese classic songs, including “Rokudan” and “Yuki,” and the famous New Year’s song “Haru no Umi,” as well as pop music favorites. Maki also likes to communicate with the audience and welcomes questions about Japanese musical instruments as well as audience requests during the live show. She can also play birthday songs.

<About the performance>
Show time: approx. 20-60 min./show

<Performance format>
Please submit your request regarding the number of musicians and instruments. For example:

  • 1 Koto player + shakuhachi 
  • 2 Koto players (koto + seventeen-stringed koto (bass koto) or shamisen)
  • 3 Koto players (koto + seventeen-stringed koto (bass koto) or shamisen)
  • 2 Koto players + shakuhachi (another traditional standard trio style)
  • Koto + Western instruments such as the violin or flute

Classics: Rokudan, Chidori no Kyoku, Yugao, Midare, others
Miyagi Michio pieces: Haru no Umi, Izumi, Mizu no Hentai (Transformations of Water), Isuzugawa (Isuzu River), Matsuri no Taiko (Festival Drums), Sakura Hensokyoku (Variations on Sakura), others
Children’s songs and songs from school: Akatombo, Yuyake Koyake, others
Pop songs: Demon Slayer theme, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Haruyo Koi, Konayuki

<Important notes>
Please refrain from recording during the performance. (Photographs and screenshots are allowed)
Please make song requests at least two weeks before the performance.